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Experts in sustainable solutions

Demand for our expertise in sustainable solutions has grown rapidly and our skills and knowledge in this area enables us to advise clients on the best system for their particular requirements.

Popular for both refurbishment and new build projects, the key is to involve us in the early stages of the design process so that most effective and efficient systems can be built in from the start. We can also assist with identifying and applying for government incentive schemes which provide support for companies looking to adopt green energy solutions.

The types of sustainable solutions we provide include:

  • Biomass and wood chip boilers

  • Ground source heat pumps

  • Photovoltaic and traditional solar collectors

  • Rainwater harvesting systems

  • Air source heat pumps

  • Energy efficient lighting

  • Gas savers

  • Whole house heat recovery systems

We have supplied sustainable solutions on projects including Crief Monastery, Sandal Magna Junior School, Norton Sixth Form College and Roman Ridge Care Home.

Delivery of boiler, Crief Farm Monastery